Wednesday, December 27, 2006

FreeRemoteMouse 2.0

With way too much time on my hands over the holiday break, I compiled Free RemoteMouse 2.0

I basically added an installer, and made it so the user can set exactly what buttons do what. Futhermore, you can set a button to launch any program on your computer. For Example button #3 can be mapped to launch internet explorer or a video game or a family photo from your couch. Yes, it's the epidemy of laziness I know. But hey I was bored so whatever.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

GetLyrics 1.1

griffithc, over at the Australian Media Center community pointed out a bug in GetLyrics. Apparently, the site that the lyrics are scraped from changed some stuff around, so lyrics weren't displaying properly.

Well, the version 1.1 fixes that bug


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FreeRemoteMouse 1.1

I downloaded MyRemoteMouse yesterday and I was upset that the dude wanted 30 bucks for a plugin and it's heavy and doesn't work very well. So I spent the past 2 hours creating "FreeRemoteMouse". It's written with AutoIt, totally free and opensource for you. You can decompile my exe with AutoIt and modify it. Just share your modifications here and give me credit for original design. I am not an AutoIt expert, so my code might be sloppy but it works!

How to use:
Unrar the download, and run the exe. There's no installation or anything just an exe. You will notice it in your system tray. To start using your remote as a mouse hold 0 for five seconds. Then use the navigational arrows on your remote to move your mouse around. Hold 0 for five seconds again to disable the remotemouse. You could put the exe in your startup folder I guess for easy access.

New addidtions to version 1.1

1 = dblClick
2 = RightClick
3 = MouseDrag
4 = MouseDrop


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cool sites

The best Media Center forum on the net has to be the The Australian Media Center Community
It's the most supportive forum I have ever been on. It must be because they are not american. Unlike those ungrateful turds at thegreenbutton.

The best plugin site IMO is MoreMCE. The apps I post there get tons of hits. One app I submitted got over 1500 clicks, but not one thank you, so maybe it's not that great.

Also, I googled my own software and found some reviews. Kinda funny how things spread once they hit the internet.

PVR Wire

Missing Remote

I feel so special :P


So Thomas Larsen took my File Browser code and did some neat things to it. He turned it into a advanced music player.


Browsing in Windows file system
Fast indexing with the numerich keypad on the MCE remotecontrol
View album cover (Place a jpg file named "front.jpg" in the folder)
You can add all music files in folder to the play list
Multilanguage support (Add new text/code to the language.js file)


Someone once sent me another modified version of file browser that allowed for automatic mounting of Disc Images with a Daemon tools command line interface. Pretty cool as well, I don't think he released it pubically.

MCE File Browser 2.0

I am damn near close to finishing this app, but I gotta say I have never written so much javascript in my life... I think i'm gonna be sick! I am calling this beta because I don't have many MCE machine to test it on, so I am asking for your help. This does mostly the same stuff as version 1.0

Here's a list of stuff I changed for 2.0
Kick ass center scrolling UI
Video & Audio Playlists
Browse Network Places
Dynamic sorting
New Version of AVI Controller, with a dynamic progress bar to skip anywhere quickly



AVI Controller

This one is kinda sloppy but gets the job done. AVI Controller let's the user dynamically skip forward and back in video files. This is very useful because fast forward and rewind doesn't work on DiVX or XViD Files.

Install the app then goto More Programs to run it, after that you can access it using the More Information button (i) while a video is playing.




BookMarkIt! is my 3rd Media center application. If Micro$oft did a better job with MediaCenter maybe I would'nt have to write so many damn plugins. This one only took a couple hours to create.

I wrote this because I can never finish a movie in one sitting, so this app allows me to resume the video from the last saved video bookmark.
I hate the fact that I cannot fastforward quickly on a DivX, XviD or Mpeg.
I have to use Skip, which takes forever if your video is long.
BookMarkIt! will create a bookmark in whatever video file you are viewing in MyVideos so you can resume from that bookmark at a later point.

Usage: Once your video is playing, click the i (more info) button on your remote or right click with your mouse, then choose More... Then you will see a screen like this:

Then simply hit Save bookmark to save, or open bookmark to resume from saved bookmark.

I have only tried this on MCE2005 with rollup2. I am unsure about other versions.


GetLyrics 1.0

Here's my first attempt at a Media Center background addin. My first app was hosted HTML. GetLyrics does not have a GUI other than media centers GUI.

This is what it does:

Get Lyrics is a background addin that will automatically scrape lyrics from the internet for the currently playing song in media center. When lyrics are downloaded a popup will appear with lyrics. Like so:

Then you can hit view, to display lyrics in a messagebox. Like so:

After lyrics are downloaded they are saved in MyDocuments/MyLyrics
This was Designed for MCE 2005 Rollup 2
Also, all of my apps are made for english versions of MCE


MCE File Browser 1.0

This was my first Media Center plugin... it took me forever to match the media center look and feel. It is also my first experience in getting flamed.

Here's what it does:

MCE File Browser allows you to browse and play files from any drive or directory on your computer, including hidden files, with your remote. MCE file Browser can play Videos (mpg, avi, wmv), Music (mp3, wav), or Pictures (jpg, gif, png). Also, it adds options to create favorite folders, so you can get to them from the home page. It also has functionality to create playlists *on the fly* from videos located in a folder. Media you play in MCE File Browser will not give you thumbnail previews under My Videos, so you don't have to worry about covering your tracks.



What the hell is this?

Yea so this is my first post in a futile attempt to centralize all the software I have written. So yea... thats what this is about.