Tuesday, December 19, 2006

MCE File Browser 2.0

I am damn near close to finishing this app, but I gotta say I have never written so much javascript in my life... I think i'm gonna be sick! I am calling this beta because I don't have many MCE machine to test it on, so I am asking for your help. This does mostly the same stuff as version 1.0

Here's a list of stuff I changed for 2.0
Kick ass center scrolling UI
Video & Audio Playlists
Browse Network Places
Dynamic sorting
New Version of AVI Controller, with a dynamic progress bar to skip anywhere quickly




Gee said...


ZilverStone said...

Howdy from dark and cold Denmark!

I just found your tools - and I really look forward to use BookmarkIt and the MCE filebrowser... Thanks for doing this.

I will get back with comments...

Jan SĂžlvsten

Anonymous said...

Hi Treason,

Just want to say thanks for your efforts, I understand your feelings in this area and I wish more folks would take the minute to say thanks.

I look forward to seeing how the appn is, sounds cool.

Cheers, Nikko1974

Wolfgang Schubert said...

Hi Treason,
I really appreciate what you did in writing BookMarkIt!. From my point of view MCE is useless without it. You did a real great job - many thanks for your effort.
Brief question: I cannot save a bookmark when using the default non-administrator user on my MCE machine (UnauthorizedAccessException). Problem is that I could not figure out in which file you save the bookmark. Could you kindly tell me what to look for ?

Regards from not so sunny Munich
Wolfgang Schubert

Treas0n said...

Sure thing wolfgang,

the bookamrks are saved into C:\windows\ehome\bookmark.txt

Anonymous said...

After spending half a day looking for something like this, I finally found your app! You're a star for doing this bud, thanks a lot. MCE browser is magic!

Thanks again I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

how do you create a video playlist with file browser 2

greg_chapman said...

Okay, these, by far, are the smoothest tools I've used in MCE so far.

I've just gotten started with MCE and am 90% of the way to getting this thing down to creating not only a Media Center but a Media Center Network serving my XBMC systems content.

That said, I've just downloaded MCE File Browser 2.0. I hope you don't mind if I give modifying it a shot. I'm taking this fellow's lead in getting ISO files to mount:
(look for the post from zonared)

Excellent tools, well written and I appreciate them!

Greg C.

greg_chapman said...

Just thought I'd update you with a little info on hacking your excellent tool to bring support for ISO files to MCE Vista and MCE 2005.

Nice work! You made it easier and completely understandable!

Greg Chapman

nutty said...

Thanks treason.
great spp!

Hilox said...

Hi TtreasOn

From a guy in Sweden with MCE - Vista, your soft just made me choose MCE before Media Portal. SUPER work. THANKS.

ajajmannen said...

Hi...From Sweden here.
I have also tested it and find it really really useful.
Is there by any chance an updated version of the browser.htm which includes an automount for MCE vista? then I would be totally convinced and stop looking for other solutions directly :)

Hans Wim said...

Wow! This is what I've been looking for ever since I installed Vista Media Center. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for this.
I'm using it to mount ISO's in Vista MCE interface.
Hope it works.

Once again thanks for the time invested.


UmaSuresh said...

Thanks for your software - MCE file browser.
The first time I used media center I was at a loss to understand how microsoft could lauch it without even implementing this basic feature.
Thanks for investing your time on this and for sharing your efforts with others.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this great plugin!

What is the way in the 2.0 version to add a favorite?
I dont succeed to add any favorite?


MARINITE said...

Thanks Treas0n. I saw a mention of your prog backwhen I was collecting plugs before I set up MCE and have been meaning to find it again ever since I actually used MCE for music.

AWESOME. Thanks again =:-'>

Ever thought of a plugin that would search google images for pics of the current artist playing and show the photos while playing? Maybe you could somehow use the code this site uses http://zoogle.nu/

Mark Burgoyne said...

Woot woot - thanks a lot Treason :-)

This application paired with the suggestion at;

should finally allow me to launch Bluray iso's to PowerDVD 8

Yaay - great work

Mark Burgoyne said...

Just a quick update/request if I can be so cheeky...

I was not able to download the app - the link kept timing out. Would you be able to let me know how I can get my hands on it please?


vinomarky at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks Treas0n!
This is what i've been looking for.

Keep on writing great MCE plugins!

Smoker said...

Thanx for this one. Nice someone like U have a way to play multiple files. For the first time could just play folder with my music vids. I did not understand what the arrows up down did except change the slider time witch I don't understand the usage of?. I don't understand how to use this werry nice tool fully. is it possible to skip songs(vids)? is there a faq or something so I could get those answers?

KoNNgeN said...

Does it "out-of-the-box" support .iso mounting?

Anonymous said...

I have a problem. Since I did not find an uninstall, I installed the new version over the old one. Now nothing works anymore.

How do I uninstall? What have I overlooked?

Thanks a lot for your efforts!


Anonymous said...

This app rocks! So much better than messing around with MyMovies after you do the .ISO hack.
Running beautifully with Vista and Daemontools.
Will Favorites be coming to version 2.0?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work! save the kittens

Rich said...

Good job dude.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks man, great work. I love the file browser.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Man. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to install it on "D" drive?