Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FreeRemoteMouse 1.1

I downloaded MyRemoteMouse yesterday and I was upset that the dude wanted 30 bucks for a plugin and it's heavy and doesn't work very well. So I spent the past 2 hours creating "FreeRemoteMouse". It's written with AutoIt, totally free and opensource for you. You can decompile my exe with AutoIt and modify it. Just share your modifications here and give me credit for original design. I am not an AutoIt expert, so my code might be sloppy but it works!

How to use:
Unrar the download, and run the exe. There's no installation or anything just an exe. You will notice it in your system tray. To start using your remote as a mouse hold 0 for five seconds. Then use the navigational arrows on your remote to move your mouse around. Hold 0 for five seconds again to disable the remotemouse. You could put the exe in your startup folder I guess for easy access.

New addidtions to version 1.1

1 = dblClick
2 = RightClick
3 = MouseDrag
4 = MouseDrop



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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for making a plug in that people actually need! And also for making it free to the public....YOU ROCK OLD SCHOOL MAN!

Anonymous said...

My hat's off & I bow low.


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