Wednesday, December 27, 2006

FreeRemoteMouse 2.0

With way too much time on my hands over the holiday break, I compiled Free RemoteMouse 2.0

I basically added an installer, and made it so the user can set exactly what buttons do what. Futhermore, you can set a button to launch any program on your computer. For Example button #3 can be mapped to launch internet explorer or a video game or a family photo from your couch. Yes, it's the epidemy of laziness I know. But hey I was bored so whatever.



Amiziras said...

Hi thanks for the app, really appreciated, i'm one step closer to surning on / off vob subs from my remote. you rule.

Treas0n said...

VOB subs... sometimes I hate those things too. MInd sharing the command line you are running to enable/disable. I'm too lazy to try it myself

Anonymous said...

Hej Man, thx for the great MCE plugins!

Ronan said...

Does this work with vista/360 Extender ?
Just the job I need for quick info browsing on 360

Treas0n said...

I doubt it will work on extender
It needs full windows OS to operate

Anthony Nguyen said...

Awesome app! I tried the "other" program and yours is better because it's free. Two suggestions though. One: "Argument" is spelled wrong. Two: It may be good to have an on-screen confirmation for on and off. It's hard to tell when the remote goes active as a mouse.

Treas0n said...

Thanks, i think, lol

I was never much of a spelling guy, it think misspellings give the program character :P

If I release a new version I'll make those corrections for you.

christiaanheu said...

I always get "script disabled " in the system tray ...Help me to make this fantastic plugin working , pleaseb

Anonymous said...

I won't have to move again! Great job, thanks.

Dionubis said...

Hey, thanks for this app - the other options were grossly overpriced for much less capabilities than what you've done here. BTW, I was able to download this via in the meantime while you're having server woes. :(

Joe said...

Great app man! Thanks for making the world a better place!

Derelict68 said...

Very nice software. The only things I would suggest would be the indication when it becomes (de-)active. Reason being is that it's a lot longer than 5 seconds on my rig...almost 15-20. *shrug* Otherwise excellent!

Anonymous said...

Great work, keep it up!

Garry Whittaker said...

Great work. I'll probably get in trouble for saying this but its free and it does more than the app I wrote. I don't know how commercial developers are supposed to make a living in the consumer space anymore when guys like Treas0n can afford to spend the time to produce something as excellent as this.

Disclaimer: I wrote MyRemoteMouse but I'm unable to change the pricing.

Anonymous said...

Great product, really adds to the MCE experience.
One comment, on my system the program cycles between ativate and deactivate when the 0 button is held down. It is quite sensitive to how long button is held to get desired response. If too long then it cycles to desired status and then back again repeatedly depending on how long 0 button was held down for.
Is this normal or peculiar to my system ?
Would be better if it just changed to opposite state no matter how long 0 button held down.

Treas0n said...

Gary, thanks a lot for being so supportive. I wouldn't have expected your response to me. Your definitely a good guy for posting such a thoughtful comment. Cheers!

On another note:
I can see what many of u guys want... better enabling/disabling of the mouse. If I ever open the source code again I'll see what i can do about having MCE trigger the software directly instead of having to press 0 5x or whatever.

dislexic said...

Great App! More people should know about it. I can watch Netflix streaming videos with my remote now! Couple of people working on MCE plugins for netflix ondemand, but I think this would be great for the time being.
Only other things that would be nice would be to set how fast the cursor moves or size of cursor within program, and set IE to specific webpages with a button press. Thanks a bunch and good luck with your coding.

BigBear said...

Hi guys,

a great peace of software! But i got one Problem. maybe one of you can help.

I configure a button to start powerdvd but when i then press it all it does is open the "Run..." Command-Windows.

Im using Vista Ultimate 32bit.

Any Ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded it, but did not yet try it. I first had to write this thank you in order to prevent a kitten dies...

Thank you!

Filippo said...

Just to save the kitten :-)

Thx! Great program!

Anonymous said...

DNS Error occurs when I try to download Freeremotemouse 2.0 is it still available.

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