Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What the hell is this?

Yea so this is my first post in a futile attempt to centralize all the software I have written. So yea... thats what this is about.


Anonymous said...

I'm missing a simple program for MCE 2005 where you have one or two columns in the TV recording list with checkboxes next to each recording showing that this recording has already been seen by Mr.A, Mrs.B a.s.o.
Because in our family we often look at recordings at different times. Then it would be good to know if e.g. my children already had seen a certain recording so it can be deleted after I have seen it.
Looking at your excellent MCE programs you seem to be the man to be able to create something like this?

Anonymous said...

have file browser 2.0 on vista but how do you make a video playlist with it?

Anonymous said...

there is a bloke with some code for a video playlist plugin app for mce and is offering it to people to see if they can get it to work on vista.I know I would love video playlists in vista media center and Im sure heaps of others would to any chance you could take a look? heres is link to his post http://thegreenbutton.com/forums/thread/170685.aspx cheers

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