Thursday, July 5, 2007

MCE Skipper

Media center does not have seekbar functionality built into it. So, this plugin shows a seek bar very similiar to that of windows media player 10 that can be used from your couch with your remote control. It has a sleek interface in my opinion. Check these screenshots:

I have tested this plugin on MCE 2005 and Vista

Once your video is playing, click the i (more info) button on your remote or right click with your mouse, then choose More...

1. MCE 2005 does not allow me to get the duration of the currently playing video. So the Seekbar will default to a 1 hour lenght. If your current video position is longer that 1 hour the seekbar will grow to accomodate. But if your video is less than 1 hour, the seekbar will not shrink. So be careful when seeking videos less than 60 minutes, it might jump to the end of the video.

2. The play, skip forward, skip back buttons on the bottom don't do anything... they are just there for the good looks :)