Tuesday, December 19, 2006

MCE File Browser 1.0

This was my first Media Center plugin... it took me forever to match the media center look and feel. It is also my first experience in getting flamed.

Here's what it does:

MCE File Browser allows you to browse and play files from any drive or directory on your computer, including hidden files, with your remote. MCE file Browser can play Videos (mpg, avi, wmv), Music (mp3, wav), or Pictures (jpg, gif, png). Also, it adds options to create favorite folders, so you can get to them from the home page. It also has functionality to create playlists *on the fly* from videos located in a folder. Media you play in MCE File Browser will not give you thumbnail previews under My Videos, so you don't have to worry about covering your tracks.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the great MCE plugins!

Anonymous said...

I get lead to some advertisment site but no download?

Treas0n said...

Link is fixed

Anonymous said...

Hi Jed,
i've tested both versions (1.0 and 2.0 beta)of your "MCE File Browser".
It was very impressed about it.
I was looking for an tool with which i can play my MP3-Files based on folders instead of tags and this tool looks that i can do this for me.
I still have some questions on this:

1. In version 2.0 i can no longer set favorites or ?

2. Version 1 and also version 2 shows me also the hidden files, is it possible to switch this off?

3. Is it possible that only the folder of my choice are shown at the home page (for example My Musik)?

4. Also it would be very nice, but i think that this would be much work) when open one folder and when i then go faster to a folder by typing a letter on my remote control. So i can jump very fast to a folder when i have many of them in on directory.

regards and again many thanks for building this nice plug-in.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded your MCE File Browser 2.0 Beta. Nice add-on.

I wanted to let you know that I got an error message when launching the plug-in. Couldn't find HTML file in C:\PROGRAM FILES\... This was caused because I'm running on a 64-Bit workstation and easily fixed by copying your program from the c:\program files (x86) folder to the c:\program files folder.


Anonymous said...

Great app, so much better than the default browser from Microsoft!! One request, can you have the files and folders auto-sorted by name when it opens a folder? It is randomly ordered by default

Aron said...

I know you wrote MCE FIle Browser a long time ago, but I guess I'm behind the curve. It sounds really useful but I have been unable to find a download link anywhere, any chance of making it available again. Thanks!

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