Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So Thomas Larsen took my File Browser code and did some neat things to it. He turned it into a advanced music player.


Browsing in Windows file system
Fast indexing with the numerich keypad on the MCE remotecontrol
View album cover (Place a jpg file named "front.jpg" in the folder)
You can add all music files in folder to the play list
Multilanguage support (Add new text/code to the language.js file)


Someone once sent me another modified version of file browser that allowed for automatic mounting of Disc Images with a Daemon tools command line interface. Pretty cool as well, I don't think he released it pubically.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good but there also seems a great demand for video version of the same thing... so we can use it like a video jukebox. Of course a "play all" or some button like it in my video would have sufficed.

Keep up the good work, I really rely on it, damn M$


adam said...

Great program!! Means I do not have to wait for MCE to download covers every time I want to play an albumn. Also, when you have a ton of music it is easier to browse by folder than by "artist" or what ever. Especially if your ID tags are not accurate.

Thanks - a great program!!

Possible improvements: a) enable/disable view of hidden files b) enable drive names to be displayed


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