Sunday, April 13, 2008

Movie Browser 0.1

Flash and Media Center are a sweet mix. I wish I used flash 2 years when I was breaking my head over hosted html. The picture above is from my newest application "Movie Browser". This runs on MCE 2005, Vista MCE and Extenders :P. It's still in beta and is a little difficult to set up, but worth it :-) I mean, who needs iTunes huh?

I am no flash expert, I got the design from the open source dudes at It took a couple days to get flash to play nice with MCE but I think it looks great.

If you are interested in the project post a comment and I'll continue development. It is currently running on my Vista and 2005 box without a hitch so any further development is not for me it's for you. This is an open source project, so if you improve the code let me know.

This is still in BETA, so unless your ready to do some post install maintenance please wait for the final release.

Download Movie Browser 0.1 Beta
Download Source Code

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