Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movie Browser

I am sorry I've have not made any updates to this code. The real world has taken hold again and I hardly have free time to wipe my ass. Again, feel free to use my code in your projects, I don't care. I'll probably have free time over the summer to update this code and add an automated importer.

Cheers and beers!


goku31640 said...

I am using Movie Browser, but the problem is that it does not support ripped DVD's. AVI's play perfectly, even faster than other programs, but most of my movies are in single VOB format. is there anyway to play these?

Anonymous said...

Been playing with your movie browser. Works, and seems to me flash is the way to go on MC. What you have done is create an elegant solution to what many others have turned into huge project. Ever seen open media library? With some effort in the fla file , this could duplicate everything.

So I am here to thank you and this serves as a nice starting point to create very slick interactive content within MC. Especially your javascript to flash to MC code.

Did you ever get your code compatible with mymovies.xml? Seems it would be trivial to just match up the tags. Will give it a shot if you haven't.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would share a little on how to get DVD playback working from folders. You need to specify the fpath tag in recent.xml with the following:


You also need to make a change to Main.html, change the 2 in this line to a 4:

window.external.MediaCenter.PlayMedia(2, str);

2 = video (avi, mpg, etc.)
4 = DVD

Ideally, the first parameter should be defined as part of the recent.xml content so you can play both, or other types.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! nice interface, bout time some one did it! Thanks!
Hope you manage to update the automation adding movies from a directory. Look forward to seeing an update :-)

q-sack said...

Nice work!
Hope you find the time to continue with it.
Is there an easy way to change colorscheme in the browser?

Lee said...

Love this app. A fantastic looking browser for movies, But I can't get it to play movie files of any type. I have avi files which play perfectly if i browse to the file normally within vista media center, but when i use this browser, i get an error message aout the video not being loaded for this file type. Obviously they are as media center plays the files normally. Anyone have any idea's? Much appreciated, Lee.

Danny said...

Can this be made to scroll the plot if it doesnt fit in the text box? I've played around a bit with the fla a bit, changing colors and font sizes and locations but cannot figure out how to make the plot text scroll.

Danny said...

I've also wrote a script which will read a text file export from Movie Collector and then generate an All Movies.xml as well as an XML for each Genre and rewrite the categories.xml file. Works very well and will show any movie in up to 5 different Genre categories. If anyone is interested in this script send me an email at and I'll send you the file along with instructions on using it.

Teh FuZz said...

Just thought I'd say thanks.. Heh. Thanks!

Arpan Asawa said...

Hey this is very good plugin.
But there are two questions from my side

1) How to remove the scroll bar which comes below the image and above the title??

2) I used Flash 8 to open iTunesAlbumArt.fla and it said "Unexpected file format!". Which flash you used??

Anonymous said...

Very nice add-on! Personally I can live with editing XML, but I think continued development would release the full potential of this rather lurvely app :)

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