Sunday, April 29, 2007

My DVD's for avi's

So i must be bored again, cuz I am thinking about creating another plugin. MyDvd's is a feature that comes with rollup2. Read more here:

I wrote a My Movies type plugin but never released it because hosted HTML apps blow on a media center. They never quite look right. My DVD's on the other hand looks great. The downside to My DVD's is that it is only for DVDs. So I am thinking about writing a plugin to trick media center into playing avi's through My DVD's. Chances are nobody reads this blog, but in case someone is, what do you think of the idea. Is this a worthwild venture, or just alot of code for no reason?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fast Forward and Rewind in DiVX/XViD

Yea man, Damien Bain-Thouverez wrote a plugin to send IR signals from your remote directly to FDDShow to enable fast forward and rewind on DiVX and XViD's in MCE. Kick ASS!!! I've been looking for this functionality since day one! I even wrote plugins to simulate this behavior, but nothing as nice as this.

So here's the bad news: It's only for Vista MCE. I still have 2005 and I am jealous. I sent Damien an email, to which I hope he responds. I am hoping we can collaborate and get this functionality in 2005.

Let's wait and see...

For you Vista people, here is his website:

Monday, April 9, 2007

Free Remote Mouse 2.1

As per some requests I updated Free Remote Mouse.
It has the same download link as before.

Basically I made it so that it will display a message box when the remote mouse is enabled/disabled. Also, I spelled argument correctly this time :)

Old Problems Explained:
In the old version you might find that you have to hold the button down for an eternity before the remote mouse becomes enabled. I'm going to try to explain this. If you use your keyboard and simply press "0" three times the remote mouse will enable/disable. The problem is the IR receiver when using the remote control. Sometimes it doesn't send consecutive signals to the box the way a keyboard would. This varies per machine making it even harder to code accuratly. When you find yourself holding the "0" button forever what you are actually doing it enabling then disabling then enabled and disabling etc... when you release the button, it's potluck, whether its actually disabled or enabled. In the new version a message box will be displayed, hence no potluck. I recommend finding the best method for your pc. Whether it's tapping 0 a couple times or holding it down for 3 seconds. I don't recommend holding the 0 button down forever because then you might find yourself in a parade of message boxes.

Anyways, nothing free is perfect but it's getting better.

Download the new version here: Download

Real World

I'd like to apologize to those of you who have asked for updates on my software. The real world has taken a hold on me and I have so many proects right now it's hard for me to keep up. I am eligable for a free Vista upgrade so as soon am micro$oft sends it to me I will definitly start developing for vista mce. Free time just isn't as easy to comeby as it once was.