Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fast Forward and Rewind in DiVX/XViD

Yea man, Damien Bain-Thouverez wrote a plugin to send IR signals from your remote directly to FDDShow to enable fast forward and rewind on DiVX and XViD's in MCE. Kick ASS!!! I've been looking for this functionality since day one! I even wrote plugins to simulate this behavior, but nothing as nice as this.

So here's the bad news: It's only for Vista MCE. I still have 2005 and I am jealous. I sent Damien an email, to which I hope he responds. I am hoping we can collaborate and get this functionality in 2005.

Let's wait and see...

For you Vista people, here is his website:


COACH K said...

hey treason its time we upgraded to vista get back to i will even help you code. haha

Mark said...

Vista Only? This sucks.

Is there on online petition we can sign to help you with your(my) cause?

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