Monday, April 9, 2007

Free Remote Mouse 2.1

As per some requests I updated Free Remote Mouse.
It has the same download link as before.

Basically I made it so that it will display a message box when the remote mouse is enabled/disabled. Also, I spelled argument correctly this time :)

Old Problems Explained:
In the old version you might find that you have to hold the button down for an eternity before the remote mouse becomes enabled. I'm going to try to explain this. If you use your keyboard and simply press "0" three times the remote mouse will enable/disable. The problem is the IR receiver when using the remote control. Sometimes it doesn't send consecutive signals to the box the way a keyboard would. This varies per machine making it even harder to code accuratly. When you find yourself holding the "0" button forever what you are actually doing it enabling then disabling then enabled and disabling etc... when you release the button, it's potluck, whether its actually disabled or enabled. In the new version a message box will be displayed, hence no potluck. I recommend finding the best method for your pc. Whether it's tapping 0 a couple times or holding it down for 3 seconds. I don't recommend holding the 0 button down forever because then you might find yourself in a parade of message boxes.

Anyways, nothing free is perfect but it's getting better.

Download the new version here: Download


derelict68 said...

Great update, the only thing that really is annoying now, is that it's a Windows alert box that comes up, so when I'm in MCE it's 1) not very pretty
2) since MCE changes my resolution, it makes my screen flicker a lot, but as long as I just minimize MCE first, it works like a charm. Thanks again for the update!

Anonymous said...

With this program it seems you can reprogram the remote.
What I would find extremely useful is a program that would work within MCE itself.
Would it be possible to change your code in that way and create a new very interesting program ?
What I found extremely annoying with Vista MCE is that certain commands need up to 6 button presses on the remote, whereas there is a simple keyboard shortcut available for them.
For example : Ctrl-Shift-Z changes between the various TV zoom levels, whereas if you want to perform the same action with the remote you have to press the "i" button, and next 3 times the down button, and then the OK button, before the first change to the zoom level occurs, that is 5 buttons instead of just 1.
Toggling between closed captions on/off again takes browsing through several menus, where you can simply perform the same action with Ctrl-Shift-C.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a program that enables you to use the four coloured buttons on the MCE 2005 remote, that are normally used for browsing Teletext for these functions ?
However, unlike the Free Remote Mouse utility, it would need to be enabled quickly, instead of pressing 0 5 times, maybe enabled by default ?

Anonymous said...

Will this work in Vista?

Treas0n said...

in response to the 2nd comment: I see what you are getting at, but that would involve a total rewrite. Unfortunately, this wasn't the software's main purpose. The real purpose is to move your mouse :)

in response to comment 3: I have not tested in Vista but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

Well done on a fantastic product. One request but. Is there any way of assigning Key combinations to it, like Shift,Alt,F4. Can this be done?
Otherwise, Excellent Work

Anonymous said...

I use German version of XP MCE.
Although I defined actions for the numeric keys (i.e. start internet explorer), I only get the run command started when pressing a key. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

I'am using this great program in Vista ultimate. There are 2 problems.
1)i move mouse cursor with holding button, cursor move faster but when i leave the button the cursor turns back where it start.(if i can explain:)
2)0 button enables remote mouse but cant disable. it continuously disables and enables.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! i wanted a program that lets me use my computer with just my MCE remote. I'm on vista sp1 and it works great. possibly a way to increase the mouse speed would be good. But hey, it's great so far.

Pescaito said...

i move mouse cursor with holding button, cursor move faster but when i leave the button the cursor turns back where it start.

XP pro media center edition 2005 SP3

Justin said...

Great prog, works well in Vista. Just one thing: Can we get rid of the annoying "your mouse is enabled/disabled" popup box, as derelict68 said?

Overjoyed said...

I was looking for a Program that would do this, about a year ago, and i only found one that was €40.00.

I have Vista MCE working with this, now i can lie in bed watch to my hearts content, if movie ends b4 i sleep, i move my mouse to another. NICE!! :) .. Especially, if i've seen everything in my Library a million times.. I just browse through movie sites.. THANKS FOR THIS EXCELLENT APP!! Now to look around the rest of your site. :)

vincem said...

Thank you for a great program - works really well. Is there a way to get or map the ESC key? I use ArcSoft Total Theater and the only way to get out of full screen mode is to hit the ESC key. It would be great if your program can add/map other keys. Any suggestions?

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